Read what our customers are saying about us.

What an amazing outdoor movie experience. The Kirstenbosch venue was beautiful and bathrooms were extremely clean. It was the best place I could have taken my loved one for his birthday. He simply loved it! As for the Galileo staff, your service I would rate as excellent. Keep up the great work guys. See you soon. – Lailaa J.

We had an excellent time. Excellent setup and service! Will definitely do it again – Rachell F.

Last night, we tested the Galileo experience for the first time. One word: exceptional! Very well organised, great service, beautiful place, amazing meal, very good beer. We are looking forward to the next film! – Anne A.

Amazing experience and outstanding venue selection by the cinema folks. Hope this business flourishes and keeps people amused for a long time in the future – Rhitankar P.

It was our first time , but definitely the first of many more to come! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you! – Bea B.

Been three times in a few weeks…. watched grease, love actually and titanic. Venues are great and the atmosphere is amazing. No good movies are worth watching without the great company. We thoroughly enjoyed all three under the stars. – Faadilah A.

The Kirstenbosch venue was perfect, the staff were super friendly and the vendors food prices were very reasonable, all in all a fantastic night out! Looking forward to trying some of the other venues. – Murray S.

Awesome venue and show this evening, definitely had fun on our date night, will definitely be back. – Zoe F.

This was by far the best experience whilst watching a movie with the people you love. From the outdoors, under the stars under a blanket, choice of food, even vino and hot chocolate and loads more! Definitely a must try!  – Zee E.

I watched The Lion King at Kirstenbosch while on holiday in Cape Town and it was an amazing experience! – Jayde R.

Awesome evening! Amazing experience. Will definitely be doing this again. – Valda P.

My eldest is 10 and loves the current Home Alone movies doing the rounds, and every time I watch with them, I tell him, “original is better”… and I was able to prove it with your assistance! Thank You! – Sa-eeda D.

Definitely an amazing experience! Not pricey and what an amazing atmosphere – Joe O.

Fantastic experience! One of my favourite things to do. Thank you for your innovation, friendly staff and service. – Ciska K.

Everything about this experience is fabulous. Everybody involved is friendly, helpful and professional. May you go from strength to strength. We are hooked! – Adri Z.

Great concept, great execution. A fantastic addition to the Cape Town landscape. – Arnold S.