Tips to enjoy your drive-in experience!

25 March 2021

Make the most of your drive-in movie experience with these great tips and suggestions!

Food & drinks:

  • A mobile food cart with drinks and treats will pass by your car for your purchasing convenience, with cash and scan-to-pay apps available.
  • Food for sale includes popcorn R30, candy floss R30, cool drinks R20, hot drinks R20, chocolates R20, sweets R20 and pringles R20. No hot foods on sale.
  • You are also welcome to bring your own food/drinks if you wish.


Some things you need to know:

  • Know where your ticket barcode is and have it ready to show. If you just have an entrance ticket, we may scan it through your closed window if you wish.
  • We will check boots for sneaky stowaways so please be prepared to open your boot as you arrive.
  • If you have new friends joining, the entrance fee for extra guests is R100pp – please have your payment ready to avoid causing delays.
  • Cars will be parked by our parking attendants in order in which they arrive and depending on car height with higher cars towards the back. Under no circumstances can cars move to other parking spots.
  • The movie audio is broadcast via radio frequency to your portable or car radio. Portable radios are encouraged so that you don’t drain your car battery. You can rent a portable radio from us on location for R40 for the evening – cash only (while stocks last).
  • You are welcome to park backwards and open your hatchback so you can get comfy in the boot, however, the hatchback should not open higher than your roof so test this at home as it may not be the best way to watch the movie after all. Bring your own rope to anchor the hatchback down and keep it below your roof height. If you do not adhere to this rule then you will need to turn your vehicle the right way round and close the hatchback.
  • You are also welcome to bring along your camping chairs and sit outside your vehicle provided you sit close to your vehicle and keep a 1.5m distance between you and the next car. *PLEASE NOTE* Sitting outside your vehicle is not permitted during lockdown Level 3.
  • Toilets are available for when you really can’t hold it anymore. We suggest, however, that you go to the toilet before leaving home to avoid contact with others as much as possible.
  • It is mandatory to use your mask if you leave your car.
  • Nobody will judge what you’re wearing. Feel free to come dressed in your PJ’s or your favourite movie character!
  • For those more “romantically-inclined”, remember it is easy to see inside of cars.
  • Smoking (cigarettes and e-cigarettes only) is allowed in your own vehicle or right at the back where you won’t disturb other guests. Please be mindful of others at all times when smoking.
  • It’s not cool to booze at a drive-in. We discourage the use of alcohol all together and suggest you try having some fun without it just this once.
  • Hanky-panky, misbehaving or in any way disturbing guests around you is not allowed. Remember we reserve the right to ask our guests to leave if they are not abiding by the rules.


Suggestions on what to bring:

  • Pillows, blankets and warm clothing. You want to be comfy and snug!
  • Board games if you plan on arriving early.
  • A small flashlight in case you need to go to the toilet during the movie.
  • A bag for your rubbish to discard of at home as no bins will be available at the venue.
  • Jumper cables: Some car batteries have short life spans and it’s always a good idea to have jumper cables in your car anyway.
  • Something to block the dashboard lights in your car if you find these a bit annoying.
  • Bug spray, just in case.
  • A battery-powered portable radio with fresh batteries so that you don’t have to rely on your car stereo (and drain your car battery).



  • Know how all your car lights work. Dim the headlights before entering the car lot and turn them off completely once you are parked.
  • Never ever turn your headlights or dome lights during the movie; light ruins the movie experience for everyone, just like at indoor theatres. Also avoid putting your foot on the brake pedal so those bright red lights don’t blind the people behind you.
  • If you need light inside your car, bring a flashlight or use your cell phone.
  • Do not run your car during the movie. Noise and exhaust spoil the movie.
  • If you leave early, only put on your parking lights to exit. Turning on your headlights ruins the movie for everybody and blinds them for several minutes.


Remember that the drive in is about talking through the movie, snacking in the car, hanging out with friends or family, cuddling up with your honey bunny and maybe making out a little, but it may not be the best way to actually watch movies. You are going to a unique kind of event, and it’s the whole package that makes the drive in worth going to. Come prepared and in good spirits and you will have a great time!