Wavescape Film Festival 2024

Enjoy picnic treats and refreshments while watching a line-up of two films: Older than Trees, a compelling short documentary about the ancient world of sharks by our own Oscar-winning director Pippa Ehrlich, and Point of Change, the riveting true story of how the discovery of the perfect wave changed the Indonesian island of Nias forever.

OLDER THAN TREES | South Africa, 2023 | 19min | Director: Pippa Ehrlich 

The film tells the story of James Lea, a field biologist who grew up dreaming of sharks; enigmatic monsters of the deep. In his first few years as a field biologist, he fell in love with silky sharks in the Red Sea, where he got to interact with them and learn their individual personalities. But, in the space of just a few years, he watched as almost every animal he knew was lost to the shark fin trade. Feeling heartbroken and helpless, James resolved to use his expertise as a scientist to protect sharks in places where they still have a chance to thrive. Older Than Trees highlights Lea’s work in the field, and the success he’s contributed to in safeguarding these ancient species through the creation of marine protected areas. Using both new and never-before-seen archival footage, we are taken on an expedition worldwide that showcases the critical role science plays in safeguarding vulnerable species like sharks and rays.


POINT OF CHANGE | Nias, Australia, 2023 | 91min | Director: Rebecca Coley 

This compelling documentary feature chronicles two Australia surfers as they leave the suffocating societal confines of conservative Australia in the 1970s in search for meaning in the form of a mystic metaphoric island. Told through a unique blend of unseen Super 8 archive, contemporary interview and beautiful animation, they find it on Nias Island, Indonesia, a large yet largely unknown 5,600 square kilometre island off Sumatra. However, sinister creatures stir in the jungle as they find the perfect cylinders of Lagundri Bay. The people have a mystical bond to a bygone age of megalithic stone-age culture, where head-hunting was practised well into the 20th century. But the discovery of waves  brings social upheaval and their culture is profoundly subverted by powerful economic and environmental forces beyond their control. The film is set to an original score composed by academy-award-winning composer Stephen Warbeck, with exclusive tracks by Paul Oakenfold and local musicians. A must-see.




Cinema Type:PICNIC
Movie Date:1 March 2024
Movie Venue:Kirstenbosch Garden
Doors Open:18:00
Movie Starts:20:00
Age Restriction:TBA
Run Time:
Food & Refreshments:

Bring your own picnic or arrive hungry and enjoy a pre-movie picnic from our mini-market; mouth-watering pizza, juicy burgers, tasty wraps, delicious popcorn and other yummy snacks. Try our bar and barista services, where you can sip back and relax. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and Halaal options available to cater to everyone’s dietary preferences. Read more about our food offering here.

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