What we’re doing to keep you safe ♥

26 October 2020

Covid safety regulations and precautions

  • We are using 50% (or less) capacity, as per government regulations
  • Masks are mandatory for everyone when walking around the venue
  • Everyone that attends is scanned in so we know exactly who came, including emails and phone numbers.
  • Everyone’s temperature will be taken on entry – 38+ temperatures won’t be allowed in.
  • Everyone’s hands will be sanitised on entry.
  • Our staff at the entrance will inform all guests about our Covid protocols, including:
    • Masks being mandatory
    • To keep picnic blankets to just below where they are sitting and not spreading out
    • To keep 1.5m between each group
    • To continually sanitise hands when moving around
  • 10 Sanitising stations will be positioned around the area, hanging on “hoola hoops” at various spots.
  • People will be requested to leave at least 1.5 metres between each group.
  • A slide on screen will mention these points and ask that people respect the rules.
    • These will also be on our T’s and C’s, news and FAQ’s on our website
  • Laminated Covid regulations will be posted on various strategic points around the venue.
  • We won’t have VIP or Snuggle sections to reduce the risk of spread.
  • All staff will have mini sanitisers in a key chain and they’ll sanitise constantly.