You need to have a back-up plan in case the weather is rainy or very windy on the day of the event. This could be a more protected area or an undercover/indoor area large enough to fit the screen. If no alternative area is available, an alternative date needs to be suggested in advance. Should the date change due to weather, no extra fees are charged as long as the cancellation happens before 11am on the booking date and the event takes place on the alternative date. Should the event be cancelled due to weather after 11am on the booking date, the full fee is then due as per the cancellation terms.

No, you may not sell tickets to the public when hiring our services unless you are selling tickets to a closed group of people (such as school students and their families) for the purposes of fund-raising only. If we hired our equipment for other people to host outdoor cinemas for profit, we’d essentially be competing with ourselves and this is why we don’t allow this. Hiring of The Galileo is specifically for private or corporate events.

Read under each rental option what space we require and do some research on what venue you could use. We are happy to chat on the phone or via Whatsapp and advice accordingly. We can also visit venues with you at a fee of R500 ex VAT per venue. Should you wish to use one of our venues, we can put you in touch with the venue directly (if we feel this will be suitable) and you can negotiate directly with them on a renal fee, which you can pay directly to them.

We can definitely come and check your venue out (a fee of R500 ex VAT applies per venue) or you can also send us photos and videos via Whatsapp to save time and money.

Yes, this is your event so you can show whatever you like! Indeed, we recommend having some content on screen before the start of the movie, otherwise you’ll be staring at a blank screen. You may want to create a PowerPoint with a still image or looping slides, or you can show a short clip (1920 x 1080 pixels or min 720p mp4).

You can only see the screen once it’s dark so the movie start time depends on the time of year. The latest we would start, at the height of summer, is 8.30pm. The earliest we would start, at the height of winter, is 6pm. Check the time of year and sunset times to have a rough idea of the movie start time. We may not show movies during the day as you cannot see the screen then.

This depends largely on what your event is all about and how much you’d like people to mingle before the movie starts but roughly speaking, we recommend opening the doors between 1 and 2.5 hours before the movie starts. Chat to us for guidance on this though.